Faded memories

So a few nights ago my sister went on one of her stupid dramatic trips. She’s been drinking a lot and maybe a borderline alcoholic. She’s now dating a guy who we grew up with. BTW he’s married but his wife was cheating and called my sister and told her dude liked her. Their also engaged after dating like literally less then a month. He’s a pushover the type she really likes. His wife hangs out with them which is totally weird and awkward but whatever. He’s got 4 kids well girls one of which he didn’t father. The kids are not in the best ideal situation with his wife, and he’s living with his mother. My sister seems to think at some point in the near future they will have all the kids. This would be a huge chaotic situation. His oldest has tried suicide a few times and my heart aches for all she’s been through. He’s already putting my sister before his kids, I ripped him a new one over this. No matter who you are no man/woman should come before child!!! I know this fell on deaf ears, but I had to say my part. So this is how my night went.

Mr G was at work it was really late and I get a text…..***hey I need you to help me ruin (dudes wife’s name) her life….*** I was like WTF so I called her and said what’s going on? She said oh she was starting shit and now we’re not allowed over. I said so who really cares she will get over it and y’all will be ok again. I’m like what was this really about. She said I’m to stoned right now I might forget some of the story. Mind you my sister lies like a loooooooooot and she likes to keep drama stirred up. Everything she says I take like a grain of salt. I have had to learn to be this way after I looked like an ass taking her side several times.

We eventually move on to talking about Lady A this is where shit got real!! She said Lady A wanted to move out there when she comes to get her younger kids from their dad. I said how long is she going to be out there and she’s like forever. I said I’m not sure her being put into your situation you have going on out there would be good for her. She immediately started being a bitch. She’s like what’s wrong with my situation??? I said all the shit you have going on with dudes wife and his kids. Lady A is not used to that. Also the stuff going on with D (my oldest niece that lives with her) that is autistic and has ADHD. You have still not got her the proper treatment. She then suggested that Lady A and D would be Best friends, which would never happen. When anything changes in D’s life she throws major fits. She needs a set routine 24/7 having Lady A come out there would cause a major problem. Everyone knows when you have an autistic child they have to have a set routine, anything like holidays, spring break or anything like that upsets their set schedule it sets off a major fit. Then my sister starts talking about how before I was mean to her and her kids. Which is not the case her maybe but the kids NEVER!!! I love her kids like they are mine. I said if I was so bad why did I babysit almost every day just so you and Mom could go gamble or mess around?? Guess I wasn’t that bad, and why did you abandon Lady A with me if I was so bad??? But this really hurt me I said I’m don’t with you and hung up on her I blocked her boyfriend on Facebook and erased her number from my phone.

I really have no idea how someone can twist memories so bad and make them into these horrible stories that they honestly believe. I really have no desire to speak to her or my mom again if you are curious about my mom. Read the mother’s day post I made. I am getting older and don’t need toxic shit like that in my life


Author: Jenns.crazy.life

I'm 37 and pretty boring but sometimes funny. I am married to a typical sometimes asshole sometimes sweet man. We don't have any biological children but we are raising my teenage niece. Oh boy the teen years the fun ones...not!! We have 4 cats and a few outside ones that belong to my neighbor but we feed them and call them community cats.

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