The good old days

So growing up it was just me and my sis ( my twin) which can be good and bad. We we’re often close and often bitter enemies. We always made up quickly because it was us against the world. We were in preschool in North Carolina when on of us would be sent to the corner and they other would quickly go retrieve the other out of the corner. Most of our friends were the same, we did have a few that were our friends only. We would go explore the desert in southern Arizona like we were on some kind of artifact finding mission. We rode horses and acted like we were part of a rodeo. We had sleepovers and often slept on our front porch growing up. We had a lot of fun and some major fights.

We had one of those big green garbage cans you put by the road. It was clean and never used, there was no road side pick up where we grew up. You burned your trash or saved it in a pile and went to the dump. So we had this bright idea of my sister getting in the can and me wheeling her around in it. This worked for a bit she was having fun. Then I dropped the lid on the can and it had two pretty big screws that cut her head. Not really bad but I’m sure it hurt. We also used to go feed my neighbors horses, he was an old man who was friends with my grandpa before he died. We would cut through a yard and I’d step on the barbe wire while she went through or she would while I went through. One day on our way back home somehow the fence caught her leg and cut her pretty bad. I said sit down and wait here let me get mom. She was having none of it she bit me yes bit me and took off running to our house. It wasn’t really far but maybe like 6 good city blocks. I was like WTF she just bit me so I walked home slowly really mad. She had to go to the hospital and get like 20 stitches maybe more I can’t remember.

My sister is not a sensitive type person, she’s always been like this. Stuff that I’d cry over she wouldn’t and it didn’t seem to bother her. We’d play farm in our front yard and she would always act like a horse. We’d play video games with the neighbors, or I’d play football with them.

We had an outdoor playhouse, I once found a scorpion in so we didn’t go in there much. We enjoyed throwing up a tent and camping out roasting marshmallows. We also went real camping a lot. I once swam her across a man made lake in southern Arizona we would camp at. Because we didn’t have oars, I was exhausted after that. We had so much fun though. One time we went up camping where the Colorado River was. This was a little different because we usually camped near still water. There was a roped off part so we couldn’t get in to fast moving water. My mom had been tubing a few times and went tubing right where we were a few times. Then she and another group decided to go for a extended trip down the river. It began to get dark and she still wasn’t back, I remember we were really worried but my mom’s friend and her husband didn’t seem to care instead he was rummaging through all the food my mom brought. I don’t even remember how long or what time my mom left. We passed out from being exhausted and playing all day and woke up in the middle of the night and my mom still wasn’t back. The next morning me and my sister through a fit and her friend said they would give her a little more time and then notify someone. A few hours later my mom came walking back in camp all tore up she had cuts l over bad sunburn and was just generally all scraped and blooded up. She said her tube had drug her through some underbrush and got caught, got a hole in it and ended up turning over. She had to walk over this really high mountain or hill it’s hard to remember. She had lost her flip flops and her feet were cut up from the rocks. We we’re glad to have her back.

There was nothing better then Bacon and eggs cooked while camping. Laying there in the quiet under the stars. Cooking weenies and roasting marshmallows. Eating bologna sandwiches with some potato chips.

I’m glad I have memories like this because kids nowadays have no idea how to unplug and enjoy life. It’s not all their fault their parents are to busy with day to day activities to unplug as well. I wish I could go back and have one more camping trip like this, it’s not the same when you’re an adult. You have so much stuff to do before you can relax.


Fishing 🎣 fun then an asthma attack 😷😔

So me and Mr G went fishing the other day. I don’t usually go out and do things because of my pain, I will admit I was excited to go though. I got up really early and tried to wake Mr G up to go but he wanted to sleep in a little. My fear was the later we went I’d get sunburned and it would be hot. The previous night I had go a few things together for us like some soda, some Powerade, things like this so it would be ready. We finally go to our one spot and I caught 2 fish, he caught none so we went over to Mr G’s aunt’s pond. She’s got catfish and some bream. We lived at the house when the pond was built but they wanted to sell the house and it was way to big for us, so we moved but they kept the pond. They usually don’t let anyone fish there. I caught a bunch of bream, most of them were very small. Mr G caught some but he was after a catfish. I honestly just wanted to catch a few and relax. He caught 2 decent sized cats. He was satisfied so I was kinda glad we could go home, it was getting pretty warm. We threw back all the fish, we don’t eat them it’s more for fun. Just something we can do to get away from the normal stress of life. Every couple need to make things like this a priority. Life is always full of so much bullshit. After we got done we went and got some groceries then came home to relax. I had full intentions of prepping stuff for spaghetti the next day. Mr G had to be at work at 7 am so I figured I’d slowly cook the sauce all day so when I knew he was about to get off I’d cook the noodles and we would have a yummy meal. About 9 that night I wasn’t feeling well, I knew I was sunburned but that wasn’t it. I was having some difficulty breathing (I have asthma) so I hooked up a breathing treatment well I made it a double and just told myself to relax. It’s very easy to panic when you can’t breathe. I did the treatment and my rescue inhaler and still was having problems. So I reluctantly told Mr G I think I need to go to the ER. We got there and they took me right in the back and hooked me up to an EKG just to be cautious. The took my blood, gave me an aspirin and gave me more breathing treatments. Which was helping a little more. Probably due to the fact I was a lot less panicked. The respiratory therapist was so sweet she honestly made me feel a lot better. In total I had 3 breathing treatments at the hospital. The doctor came in and said have you been outside today. He’s like you look like you got a decent sunburn LOL, he said the words I didn’t want to hear but that I knew would help me a lot. I needed a steroid shot. This shots will always help you they open your airways, but for me they make me feel like I have the flu. I get so achy all over and nothing helps it. I just have to wait at least 24 hours at the most 48 depending on if it’s the longer acting shot or the faster acting shot. So I get the shot and get released my only goal is to get home and go to sleep because once this shot kicks in I’m going to be miserable. During all this I feel bad for Mr G because he could be home relaxing before having to get up early for work. All in all we were at the hospital maybe 2 hours at Max. We get home and I almost immediately go to sleep, he can’t sleep and when he does get tired he wakes me up getting in bed. I feel the achy shit creeping up on me but I managed to fall back asleep. I sleep most of the next day just so I don’t have to be awake hurting uncontrollably. There is no way I can manage to make out spaghetti. We made it the next night he helped because I was still hurting bad from the shot. We had so much fun all day long then I guess spring time blooms kicked my ass. I feel better now I guess next time I’ll have to be more cautious and maybe wear a mask so I don’t have a major issue that night