Craziness in the RV park

So I have told you before about my drunken neighbors and their shenanigans well this one is a doozy. I promise it will not disappoint.

So we had a new neighbor move in awhile back his name is John. John is really nice and tries to help everyone, yes he’s also an alcoholic. The difference is when John gets drunk he usually stays at his place or maybe Moe’s. He works really hard, he’s a carpenter, and a pretty decent one at that. So there is Moe, Larry, and John just to catch you up on who the main people are.

Moe and Larry have been good buddies for over a year now. They have had little bitch fits with arguing between themselves a few times but got over it in a day or so and were best buddies again. This all changed about a month ago. Mr G got a call it was Moe he said Larry grabbed his balls and he may need to go to the hospital. Well he didn’t so the next day or so goes by and everything is fine. Fast forward a week or two and they are all sitting outside at a round table drinking. Oh and the other drunk neighbor Junior is there. Moe goes to pee in the trees and comes back to put Larry in a choke hold, Larry grabbed a stick and smacked Moe upside the head, then Moe runs around and punches Larry in the face. I imagine it was like getting bit by a mosquito. Then Junior told Moe ” you’re not going to hit a man from behind if you want to go at it do it the right way” so Larry goes home and the friendship is over now.

Everytime Mr G speaks with either especially Moe they bring this same shit up over and over. When they did the same with me I told them they were both in the wrong. Larry always ttys to parent Moe and I’m sure it gets quite annoying. The physical shit was all uncalled for. So awhile after this Moe falls and Larry went to help and Moe was running his mouth and being a complete Dick. Larry went home and all was quite.

Then awhile after all this we get a call from Moe saying John’s hurt. Mr G goes over and checks him out and tells me to call an ambulance. I do and like an hour later they arrive. They were major assholes. John was really nice and yes I understand he was drunk and it’s his fault he got hurt. Shit I forgot that part. He fell coming out the door at Moe’s and broke his nose and ended up with a swollen black and blue face, and two black eyes. Anyhow the paramedics didn’t give a shit they told him his nose wasn’t broke and left. His nose was broke the next day he went to the Dr and they confirmed this. I left a review on their Facebook page and they reported me…. Assholes and I didn’t cuss or wasn’t rude. They deleted the comment too.

Then on Saturday myself and Mr G was headed out, he ran back inside to grab something. As I was getting in the truck I noticed Moe yelling….come on Larry…..come on I’ll eff you up…over and over. I said what are you doing Moe? You need to behave, take your ass home!!! So Mr G comes out after hearing me yelling and is like what are you doing? I explained and he went out to the middle of the park where there is a BBQ grill and a covered patio thing. He grabbed Moe by the arm and dragged him for a few steps until Moe understood he was going home….LOL….. I should also mention Mr G had just taken Larry to the store and Larry was going to go home and take a nap, yes a nap. So the whole time Moe was yelling making an ass of himself Larry was sound asleep and had no clue this was going down.

Fast forward to tonight Monday June 11,2018 and myself and Mr G had to run and do some errands. When we are about five minutes from home and we get a phone call, it’s John all Mr G can understand is that someone needs to go to the hospital and something about Moe and then they hang up. We both thought oh this is just Moe playing his games where he gets to drunk. He’s done this like 20 times boy were we wrong. We pull up and I stayed in the truck the windows down and I also turned the radio down. I couldn’t hear anything or see anything. Then Mr G comes out on the phone and all I hear is he will tell you but he won’t tell me what happened. He probably needs about 7 stitches or so I’d take him if I didn’t have to go to work. Then Mr G walked back inside and comes out a minute or so later and tells me Moe stabbed John!!!!! I effing lost it I really did, he could have killed him! They made up a story and tried to sell it, problem was it wasn’t the truth and didn’t fit with where his wound was. I’m still very upset even hours later. John is ok and he will heal, he had to get a bunch of Staples and I’m sure it’s going to hurt bad for awhile but the important thing is he’s going to be ok. Now as far as Moe goes something needs to be done. John lied to the Dr and said he got cut on barbwire I’m sure the Dr knew different because barbwire cuts very jagged. Things have got to change my whole feelings on Moe have changed.