People who think the world revolves around them

I hate when people think the world revolves around them. They think nothing of calling you and expecting you to drop everything and tend to their needs. They don’t even care if you have a life or other obligations. You would think this only applies to younger people but no it’s older people too. I have a neighbor, yeah one of the drunks, who will throw a baby fit and stomp around if he doesn’t get a ride to town when he wants it. I kid you not he will actually say when am I going to get to go to town, and cuss. Acting like a complete diva if Mr G is busy with me or running our errands. It pisses me off I’m like WTF he needs to understand our family comes first. Dealing with a drunk is hard you can’t reason with them or make them understand you have a life.

My sister is very selfish and ridiculous. Like at what age do you stop taking a million selfies a day!?! Seriously you’re almost 40 and you look like you did 2.5 million selfies a day. OMG!!! Put the makeup down and back away. Get in touch with reality, which is never going to happen. The sad thing is Lady A acts like this a lot. It really pisses me off, I stay on her about it. I hope as she gets older she understands not everything is about her.

It makes you wonder what makes people think and act like this. I can’t say it’s my mom’s fault if that were the case I’d be like that too. I’m not, I’m quite the opposite. I don’t like attention being on me. I’m laid back and just a mainly mellow person. Now Mr G he’s a lot like this. He’s very much so just like my sis. I think that may have attracted me to him. Or maybe made me more comfortable with him. Now I do know a big reason Mr G is like this was his mom. I loved his mom so much, I still do I miss her so much. She created a monster though….LOL…….at least on the world revolves around me type of one. I love Mr G but he’s quite the diva and drama king. I put up with it but at times I get annoyed with it. At our age you can’t make people understand what they can’t see. So most of the time I just try and ignore it.

I use to think all selfish people we’re narsastic but their not. I know they don’t usually understand they are being difficult assholes. I also know trying to argue with them about their diva like tendencies it a waste of time. They will try that shit around and have you questioning what’s going on quick. Lastly usually selfish, self-absorbed people are manipulative people. So if you’re selfish like this try thinking about someone else besides yourself.